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Thanks for the advice about listening to fat drug addicts and Fox (faux) news, but actually, I don't listen to or watch either one (don't watch TV at all).   I read... incessantly, and discuss.
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At 1/25/2006, you wrote:
>When you want to bring up Executive Orders, lets discuss the precedent set 
>by the beloved Bill Clinton before pointing fingers at another 
>president.   Everything in proper context, please.

Nor Executive orders, signing orders.  A very different thing and one 
abused by this president.  As for the fourth I do not believe it says 
anything about citizens vs non citizens and besides many of those calls had 
domestic origins and destinations.  How can you test citizenship by 
listening in?

Go back to listening to fat drug addicted radio comedians and listening to 
Faux news.  They are comfortable and do not require anything more than 

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