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 Again, the laws in question apply to citizens.   C I T I Z E N S.   US ones.   Again, if you are on some foreign terror suspects speed dial, refer to my last post.   Those laws don't apply to the executive branch when tapping foreign nationals.   He is not thumbing his nose.   He is right.
Does it really bother you who wears dresses and who doesn't.   Almost every scotsman I know does from time to time (although they get really upset if you refer to it as a dress), and they seem ok.
As far as proof regarding effectiveness.   I have a friend who is a private investigator, and who deals with wiretaps (on citizen's, I might add) and he says wiretaps are not effective.   It is the rare occasion when they are that make it all worth the effort.

...still humbly waiting to be educated.
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War has to be declared.

And there are laws in place for how to do these wire taps.  He had 72 hours 
after doing them to get the official papers.  He said "that doesn't apply to 
me."  That is thumbing one's nose.

Furthermore, I think folks are missing the single most important thing here. 
Proof that any of those wire taps were necessary OR productive.

Won't be long before we find out he secretly wears dresses also.

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> Bush did call on leaders of both parties, and requested a ruling from
> whitehouse attourneys on the legality of this before proceeding, It has , 
> of
> course, not been determined he did anything at all wrong here, or that 
> Presidential
> powers in time of war do not allow this, so to state this as a  violation 
> is
> incorrect. Personally, if the President, no matter who he or she  is gets 
> a
> call saying the terrorists we are tracking, that have promised  attacks in 
> the
> US are calling people in the US, I would hope they would make  the same
> decision every time. The first job of our Gov. is to protect us, and  this 
> is a Known
> enemy.

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