[Homestead] Tool tip

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Tue Jan 17 08:57:02 EST 2006

Yesterday bought a Ryobi 150-piece roll-up accessories kit from Home Depot 
for thirty bucks. Wood bits, masonry bits, general-purpose bits, nut 
drivers, magnetic bit holder, countersink, etc. The beauty of this bundle 
is that the full set rolls up into its each-tool-fitted canvas pack so you 
can see at a glance if you are missing any size and you can toss the pack 
into your five-gallon bucket or other tool tote as you head for a job. 
Avoids going back for the correct size. The steel quality is inferior to 
many pieces I already have in three other bit kits so I will replace as 
they break.

If you want this, don't dally. It was a holiday special and there were only 
two left when I found mine.

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