[Homestead] sewing machine

EarthNSky erthnsky at bellsouth.net
Thu Dec 28 15:34:09 EST 2006

In between emails here, I have gotten all my sewing notions and stuff 
put into the drawers of my new sewing cabinet.  I am so psyched about 
it, finally everything in one convenient place!  It just feels so good 
to get another incarnation out of my old desk!  I have also been reading 
  up on how to use a new sewing machine mother gave me.  My first and 
only machine, until recently, was an old early 50's model Singer.  I 
love it.  However, mother just gave me a Kenmore 385.  It has a darning 
plate and other accessories and about a bazillion fancy stitches (at 
least 30) that I want to play with.  She used the machine less than a 
couple of hours because she inherited yet another machine that she liked 
If anyone has a similar machine, I'd love tips and pointers...

Now to get that Christmas tree down...

Bevanron of EarthNSky Farm   Sleep well tonight, for somewhere in the 
ocean's depths, MY son is protecting YOUR freedom.

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