[Homestead] Wind powered beer

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Wed Oct 19 19:53:33 EDT 2005

>Gene, I cannot remember the name of the wind powered brewery.  I picked up 
>some in Iowa but cannot find what I thought was the brand here in 
>Asheville.  They have a good local beer, Highland and I like their Gaelic
>Ale.  Can't wait until I am back in Stone territory about mid December.

New Belgium Brewery, Fort Collins, Colorado. I am delighted to find that 
they make enough to ship here to Missouri. In the refrigerator is Fat Tire, 
Blue Paddle, and 1554: Brussel's Style Black Ale, the latter of which is 
soothing my soul right now as I type this at the end of a day dealing with 
a broken universal joint on the backhoe. The 1554 makes it easier to mellow 
out and think of more positive things.

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