[Homestead] USDA's Mandatory Property and Animal SurveillanceProgram

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Sun Oct 16 16:59:57 EDT 2005

The link is real.  Now, go and review the PAWS legislation that is pending 
and read this link about PAWS 
and then see what interesting things happened after this guy blogged about 

Bottomline, it is all about the money and RFIDs.

Add to that New Freedom and welcome to Amerika!

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From: "Rob" <becida at comcast.net>

> This came in on another list, I took a look at
> the link and it does appear to be real.
> I will admit that in my mind when I see "USDA"
> doing something I think of agribiz getting it's
> ideas turned into law. What's good for the
> agribiz is not necessarily good for me.
> Those of you who keep chickens or goats or cows
> or any type of livestock might want to take a look at this.
> Rob
> becida at comcast.net
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> Why You Should Oppose the USDA's Mandatory Property and Animal
> Surveillance Program
> by Mary Zanoni, Ph.D. (Cornell), J.D. (Yale), Executive Director of
> Farm for LifeTM
> P.O. Box 501, Canton, New York 13617
> Telephone:  315-265-2800 Email:  mlz at slic.com

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