[Homestead] Rewriting reality

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Sun Oct 16 09:12:46 EDT 2005

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> >Yup and the next hysteria is bird flu!  Gotta get out there and get those
> >vaccinations because all you folks that never come in contact with a chicken
> >are sure to die if you don't get a flu shot!
> Listen carefully to what they are saying.  Things such as "new roles for 
> the National Guard" etc.

That's what I took note of too.  Let's go ahead and set up a mechanism to use 
the National Guard for police purposes "just in case."   'Gotta be prepared, 
gotta do that prepared thing'  as his father might have said.

Some sources say that in seven years of avian flu 43 people have died, some 
sources say 60.  My God, there must be that many people die each year from 
ping-pong accidents.

I'm sure everyone's heard a variation of the old joke:

"What kind of dog is that?"
"A gorilla hound."
"A gorilla hound?"
"Yeah, chases gorillas off the farm."
"There aren't any gorillas within ten thousand miles of here."
"See how good he is!"

The CDC and WHO are like that.  Fund us.  Give us billions.  What, no bird 
flu pandemic?  See how good we are!   Today bird flu, tomorrow Rigilian fever.

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