[Homestead] Saying it like it is: Don't Blame WalMart

Trevor Peck trevor at ISBNread.com
Mon Feb 28 19:49:45 EST 2005

> Yet, knowing this, I still shop at Home Depot. Helluva dilemma.
> Shall I beat myself up over this apparent breach of values behavior simply
> accept that I am just another smart American consumer, going where it is
> convenient and money wise to buy what I want? How do you guys feel about
> these things? Do you shop at WalMart and Home Depot? How do you feel about
> the values dilemma?

 As long as politicians have the power to treat their friends this way - 
and don't forget they keep tabs on their "enemies" too - any major 
business that doesn't play the game will not be around long. It's 
despicable, but it's the way it will always be when some persons have 
power over others.

 The answer is is so simple it's hard for most people to believe: Get rid 
of the root cause: in this particular case, the tariffs.

 The economic arguments and the results of gettting rid of most government 
programs (and the taxes and inflation necessary to support them) are 
logically overwhelming and borne out by years of experience, but almost 
never heard.

 The obvious truth that taking the power away from politicians will get 
rid of the corruption, while new rules and regulations designed to fight 
the corruption simply give lawmakers more opportunity to misuse their 
power, is hidden behind other arguments. The biggest of these smoke 
screens is "Democrat or Republican?"

 Try http://www.downsizeDC.com if you want to learn about some of that.

Hmm... did I say all that out loud? What I meant was:

 Yeah, I shop at WalMart.

 - Trevor.

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