[Homestead] Saying it like it is: Don't Blame WalMart

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Mon Feb 28 13:47:26 EST 2005

OH, but I do blame Wallyworld for predator tactics.  I do blame Wallyworld
for lying to the public.  I do shop elsewhere and don't shop at Home Depot
either unless I cannot get it local.

The funny thing is that most items that are bought at those places can be
had for the same price OR even less elsewhere.  I'd rather pay a tad higher
price and get good customer service, which cannot be had at either Wallworld
or Home Despot!

Home Depot does not charge less than most of the local retailers.  It sure
isn't less than the big local lumber yard where we used to live!

I go into local shops and ask if they will order cases of whatever for me.
They always do and at a good price.  I asked the local lumber yard if they
would do special large orders and give me a price break.  The answer was

The only thing I order off the net is stuff I can't buy locally or that they
can't order for me.  Heck, the local little organic store orders for me and
they charge me LESS than the big boxes, the coops and the natural food
stores!  And that's for organic!!

Besides, what you get from Wallyworld is exactly what you pay for.  If it
isn't from China, it is seconds and not worth a dime more than they charge!

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> This article by Robert Reich is poignant to me. I became aware that the
> Bush administration paid back the huge campaign contribution by the boss
> Home Depot by fixing it so that the ceiling fans imported from China get
> exemption on import tariffs. Home Depot is the largest seller of ceiling
> fans in the U.S. I find that kind of quid pro quo--big business money buys
> big political favors at the expense of smaller businesses--offensive to my
> citizenship values and accordingly call the U.S. Congress the D.C.
> Whorehouse. Yet, knowing this, I still shop at Home Depot. Helluva
> Shall I beat myself up over this apparent breach of values behavior simply
> accept that I am just another smart American consumer, going where it is
> convenient and money wise to buy what I want? How do you guys feel about
> these things? Do you shop at WalMart and Home Depot? How do you feel about
> the values dilemma?

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