[Homestead] Chicken soup pizza

Marie McHarry mmcharry at dtnspeed.net
Fri Feb 25 22:44:07 EST 2005

<<We often 
add grated ginger (in various quantities) to a similar concoction as 
yours, particularly if any of us are feeling under the weather.>>  

For many years in my household, the first steps toward making anything at
all has been to heat oil (peanut or olive most commonly) and add grated
fresh ginger, garlic, and onion. You really can't go wrong. 

Fresh ginger can be preserved by slicing it and preserving it in dry sherry,
or if you use it really fast, wrapping it in damp cheese cloth and a plastic
bag and keeping it in the fridge.

Has anyone grown ginger root from supermarket ginger? I know it sprouts


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