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Fri Feb 25 11:29:08 EST 2005

And shameful it is that our grandchildren fall heir to these warped and empty
goals and values. One of my "little ones", age eight, pines for anything new and
"cool" as long as it can be placed in his ear and will play canned music. I
counter with gifts like the lovely little wooden whistle from my dog-eared and
much loved Grizzly Industrial catalog. And the girls? I fully intend that my now
six-year-old will spend her summer creating paper dolls, and dressing them,
without benefit of video instruction, and that she will be able to whip up a
dozen from-scratch homemade tortillas before returning to school in the fall. I
am fighting the good fight. Where are all the big people who are supposed to be
sharing their time and skills - not their 'things' - with the little people?

On Fri, 25 Feb 2005 09:12:10 -0700, Gene GeRue wrote:

> "Drawn forward by debt, desire, or both, Americans are emerging as the 
> first addicts of the technological age, driven still by some ancient 
> instinct for self-preservation that in our time of affluence is misplaced. 
> . . .It is in this blind pursuit of material prosperity that Americans have 
> begun to push the boundaries of human adaptation, as is evidenced by rising 
> levels of greed, anxiety, and obesity."
> --From American Mania: When More is Not Enough, by Peter C. Whybrow M.D., 
> published by W.W. Norton & Company Inc.
> (Found in the AARP Bulletin / February 2005)
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