[Homestead] Chicken soup pizza

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Fri Feb 25 11:05:16 EST 2005

Two nights ago I made a standard chicken soup recipe: boil a whole chicken, 
get rid of all bones, cut up meat into bite-size, add onion, garlic, 
carrot, celery, salt and red pepper. I had thought to use noodles but there 
were nice red potatoes at the store so I cut a couple up and put them in. 
The soup was good.

But the lack of noodles bothered my noodle. So last night, in a fit to use 
up lots of the solids, so I could then add noodles, I made what to me is a 
new pizza.

Vegans should now strike the delete key.

Here in the city I use round, flat, Italian herb bread for the skin. I 
skimmed the congealed chicken fat and smeared it on as a "sauce." Next went 
a thick layer of Mozzarella and Mediterranean cheese mix. Then, using a 
fork, I picked out chunks of the chicken and arranged them, then added some 
carrots and red bell pepper for pretty. Chris was feeling a bit off her 
feed so I peeled a bulb of garlic, cut the cloves in two and added them. 
Thirteen minutes at 450 degrees on the pizza stone and I declared it a pizza.

It was very well received by the diners.

Had I known I would do such a thing, I would have strained the solids from 
the broth before refrigeration. After a night in the fridge, the whole mess 
is like a thick stew and it's hard to separate the solids. Excess fat ran 
over the sides onto the stone, making a bit of a mess.

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