[Homestead] Pruning fruit trees

Lisa Perry lkvp at floydva.net
Tue Feb 22 13:21:32 EST 2005

As it would happen this winter, we have yet to prune our fruit trees.  
The winter weather hasn't helped (or at least this is our excuse), it 
seems to have been either bitter cold or spring-like temps that were 
much warmer than usual.  The $64 question is....
is it too late to prune?  We know it should be done in winter when the 
tree is dormant.  It's 50+ degrees outside today, another day of 
spring.  Should we skip pruning this year altogether or get it done in 
the next cold spell before spring arrives for good?  We have an 
assortment of fruit trees including several varieties of apple, pear, 
and peach.  The trees have been pruned consistently every year we've 
owned the farm and by the previous owner who planted 75% of the trees.

sw VA

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