[Homestead] Computer glitch

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Tue Feb 22 10:11:25 EST 2005

>If you ever take a picture of your inside forest, I'd love to see it.

Well, I tried.

For some @#!!&#!! reason, the computer is not recognizing the camera for 
download. Upload? Most frustrating. I have done this many times. You hook 
up the USB cable to the camera and to the computer, bring up the Scanners 
and Cameras screen, click on the camera icon, click on the Get Pictures, 
and, in the past, it did the job. Now, following the same procedure, I get: 
"The computer cannot detect the scanner or camera. Please make sure the 
device is turned on and properly connected to the computer." In the past, I 
did not have to turn on the camera, just do the cable hookup. Whatever, I 
have now tried it all possible ways: 1) turn on the camera, then connect 
it; 2) connect it, then turn on the camera; 3) don't turn it on, and 
connect it. No matter how I try it, I keep getting the same error message.

One wonders how many cases of high blood pressure and heart attacks can be 
attributed to computer snafus.

Anyone have ideas?

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