[Homestead] Homeschool ? (was Clan Question

Kathyann Natkie knat at sprintmail.com
Tue Feb 22 09:37:36 EST 2005

Correct. My last unschooler "graduated" and is uncolleging now. So I do 
not technically "homeschool" any more (funny how when we were 
homeschooling lessons at 3:30p counted but now they don't.) My youngest 
wants the kind of school we believe should be, so we opened a Public 
Charter School last September. Thus, I still hang sometimes with my 
"homeschooling" friends or tutor "homeschoolers" while writing up for 
the school: students asked not to attend (coded by state as 
"homeschool"), students doing independent projects at home (coded by 
state as "homeschool" or "alternate attendance"), and those too ill to 
attend (coded by state as "homebound.")"Homeschool by school" must take 
statewide assessments, "homeschool by parents" must not, "homebound" is 
at our discretion based on child's health. Meanwhile, we (the school) 
cannot accept part-time "homeschool" students who wish only some of what 
we offer and whose parents want to retain control. Kinda gives me every 
"homeschool" in my vocabulary. :)

(course we also have families politically opposed to statewide 
standardized testing exempting their children from testing)

Lynda wrote:

> Kathyann, in NJ if you are using a charter school, you are part of the
> public school system, you aren't homeschooling.  NJ recognizes public
> school, private school and "other equivalent instruction elsewhere than at
> school". N.J. Rev. Stat. § 18A: 38-25.
> Homeschooling comes under the "other."
> Lynda

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