[Homestead] Global wetting?

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Tue Feb 22 00:45:58 EST 2005

Nah, they're doing something weird in Oregon <g>  All the wet weather is
being pushed south.  We've only gotten one semi-serious snow up here and the
temps over in the valley are way high for this time of the year.  Although
"they" say the snow pack is o.k. but I don't know how when the mountains we
have to travel through don't have any snow on them.  The roads have only
been closed twice since Thanksgiving and that is not the norm either.

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> From the Arizona Republic: "From Jan. 1 through Sunday, Phoenix received
> 4.65 inches of rain at Sky Harbor International Airport. The average for
> that period is 1.36 inches. An additional .04 inch of rain was recorded
> Monday morning."
> And more coming. Rainfall of 7.66 inches per year is the average. People
> who have lived here for decades say they can't remember this much winter
> rain. The above is just since January 1. In late 2004 we got more than
> usual, too.
> It's all California's fault. They get more than they can handle and ship
> the excess east to us. At least our hillsides aren't falling.
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