[Homestead] Books and more books

Don Bowen don.bowen at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 21 20:51:08 EST 2005

At 2/21/2005, you wrote:

>>Save one for me when I stop by for that beer.
>Don, the homestead list took a vote and decided to put you on a material 
>possessions diet. You must divest two pounds of possessions for each new 
>pound you acquire.

And yes that is a problem.  I have all together too much stuff.  My son 
just called to say he is building a small shop in the hopes he can convince 
me to bring all my tools.

>Beer, of course, is exempt in all cases. Also in all kegs.

I have about 4 bottles of Stone AB in the frig, oops make that 3.

Don Bowen                          Awl Knotted Up Woodworking

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