[Homestead] Re: Whammy Kazammy

Bill Jones billj at harborside.com
Mon Feb 21 20:11:04 EST 2005

TV wrote:

> We have a serious problem today. The problem is that everyone with a 
> computer hooked to the Net thinks they are a writer or are trying to 
> be a writer, with the result that there is much garbage being written 
> by people desperate to see their names on a byline who have minimal 
> knowledge of what they write about and therefore write irresponsibly.

Amen to that.

The other annoying thing about list lizards is that whereas normal 
people just agree to disagree, and be friends, a list lizard just can't 
let it be, but behaves in immature ways that would get it punched in the 
nose in a bar.  On line you can hide behind the list owner's skirt.  I 
think it comes from feelings of disempowerment in real life.


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