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Donna,  West Tennessee  where the main natural resources are red clay and  

You know, this may just irritate some of you, but growing up, I had never  
even seen a termite, and the only roaches I ever saw were  "waterbugs".   I 
remember a news story when I was a kid, regarding  roaches.   It seems that there 
was a house that had been infested, and  the health department burned it down. 
  Other than that, no one I knew  had 'em.   Termites were non-existent.
I was 30 years old before I saw a "roach" in someones house, and that was  in 
I guess there are some things to be said in favor of growing up in North  
Dakota.   Of course, there are also no trees to speak of (except those  that have 
been planted), and you have to deal with winter and the three months  of poor 
sledding...  ;-)

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