[Homestead] And weird tree, was homesteading stuff

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Mon Feb 21 10:36:22 EST 2005

>O.K., speaking of trees, we have a REALLY weird one on the front 3 acres. 
>It looks like an old white oak.  Has a couple of branches up towards the 
>top that look like white oak.  The bark looks like white oak.  However, it 
>has a bunch of sucker type growth at the base and in bunches hither and 
>yon up the trunk that look like someone crossed a coast oak with a holly 
>tree.  Real spiney, pokey nasty leaves!  Anyone know what the heck this 
>thing is?

It is a really, really naughty oak tree that has had relations with many 

A few years ago I finally, with a big sigh, cut down a tall oak in the 
Heartwood front yard that was, well, ugly. It's primary value was that the 
pileated woodpeckers used it as a demonstration venue, providing much porch 
entertainment. It was impossible to determine its genetic structure, beyond 
quercus. Had characteristics of several oaks. Interbreeding does stuff like 
that. Positively shameful.

I shaped the bottom five feet into a throne, on which I sit and contemplate 
the old shack and woods beyond. My kingdom.

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