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> > What homestead-y type things anyone up to?

I don't know where this qualifies as a homestead thing.

My house, built in the 30,s with floor "joists" made of whole trees, is 
riddled with termites.  In spite of years of termite treatment, the damage 
continued and last spring I had to have the sills replaced with treated lumber 
and treated floor joist added.  They did not remove the trees, saying that the 
whole floor would have to be removed if they did that.  I now have a different 
company doing the pest control work.

So here is the project. The floors are so damaged along the tree line, that 
they crunch and sink when stepped on.  I cannot spend much more on the floors, 
so I have bought some 1/2 inch mdf and had it cut into 16 inch "planks" at the 
store.  I am now in the process of priming them and will paint them as time 
permits.  I will lay them on top of the existing floor.  I am 78 years old, so 
the floor does not have to last for too much longer.  20 years or so is long 

Donna, West Tennessee  where the main natural resources are red clay and 

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