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Mon Feb 21 10:25:26 EST 2005

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bartermn at epix.net writes:

> Do you plant sets or are you starting onion seed? I've been trying to 
> grow good onions for years and don't seem to have much luck. Ours stay 
> small no matter what I do. Now scallions and chives do ok. But I really 
> want to grow big yellow onions like Gin buys.

All three.  We started some seeds this year, we always do sets for green 
onions, and we order plants and it is the plants that will be in next week.  We've 
had the most success getting big ones from the plants but only when planted 
really early and we mulch with grass to keep weeds down.

> Cutting firewood; cleaning, repairing, painting old birdhouses and 
> building a few new ones; made a wheel of pepper-jack cheese last week.

Firewood, the winter constant!  And milk and cheese have been constant too, 
although pepper-jack sounds good.  Will soon be milking a goat again and will 
make us a year's supply of feta then.  


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