[Homestead] Clan Question

Kathyann Natkie knat at sprintmail.com
Mon Feb 21 04:01:20 EST 2005

Clansgian at wmconnect.com wrote:
> "Homebound" is the term I know for what you describe Kathyann.  "Homeschool" 
> has a specific, legal definition.  In Tennessee, many who are "homeschoolers" 
> are legally "private schoolers".  DCS is Department of Children's Services not 
> the school system.  
Oh. Here we have both homebound and homeschool under the schools. If we 
suspend them they don't fall under homebound (that is for those unable 
to come to school.) But, if we provide a curriculum, they can be counted 
as "present" in school so they don't forever repeat grades due to lack 
of attendance. Their program is considered their homeschool but we 
provide the schooling. We also use the term for independent study. Our 
parental education falls under "educated other than at school" but those 
kids are also called homeschoolers. At state trainings they have to 
clarify every time. We must test our students on homeschool but are not 
permitted to test the homeschoolers.

Kathyann, who has learned much with our new Charter School

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