[Homestead] And weird tree, was homesteading stuff

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
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The woman we bought this place from was clueless!  She planted full-size
fruit trees about 4 inches from the deck.  Now, this is an area with a large
yellow-jacket population.  She plants pears next to the deck.

So, after a few days of rain and a couple of dry days, we moved the trees
(most of them, we are waiting the deer fencing we ordered) down to an old
terraced garden area halfway between the house and the horse barn.  It
poured last night which was real good for the trees.

Today we moved some 5-10 year old bull pines, stone pines, scotch pines,
sitkas and Doug Firs to the front 3 acres where this same person had done a
clear cut.  Personally, I prefer to have a few trees between me and the
road!  Again, the timing was good and we got a nice rain fall so we didn't
have to water them in.

We've been saving all the shaving-ish material from cutting wood and had
gathered up all the old horse manure (well aged) and gave all the trees a
good mulch.

We still have about a dozen Doug firs to move and are waiting for the bare
root fruit trees we ordered to arrive.

O.K., speaking of trees, we have a REALLY weird one on the front 3 acres.
It looks like an old white oak.  Has a couple of branches up towards the top
that look like white oak.  The bark looks like white oak.  However, it has a
bunch of sucker type growth at the base and in bunches hither and yon up the
trunk that look like someone crossed a coast oak with a holly tree.  Real
spiney, pokey nasty leaves!  Anyone know what the heck this thing is?

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> Just to get in an edge of homesteading stuff, yep, that's what we do here
> , we sold two billies last night, the old herd fathers, with the plan to
> up a baby billy this spring to raise for a new sire.  And this morning the
> herd queen gave birth to triplet nannies.  So funny, last year we had all
> and this year, all girls.  So it averaged out all in all.
> The chickens are laying fair.  The onions will be in next week.  Lots of
> seeds and some plants in the hothouse.
> What homestead-y type things anyone up to?
> Denise
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