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Melody O. melody at crecon.com
Sun Feb 20 23:25:38 EST 2005

At 06:45 PM 2/20/05 EST, you wrote:
>Just to get in an edge of homesteading stuff, yep, that's what we do here <g>
>, we sold two billies last night, the old herd fathers, with the plan to
>up a baby billy this spring to raise for a new sire.  And this morning the 
>herd queen gave birth to triplet nannies.  So funny, last year we had all
>and this year, all girls.  So it averaged out all in all.
>The chickens are laying fair.  The onions will be in next week.  Lots of 
>seeds and some plants in the hothouse.
>What homestead-y type things anyone up to?

Just trying to hang on 'til spring. :-)  It is raining/snowing as I type.
The ground up until today had a couple of inches of snow.  The temperatures
have risen in the past couple of days, enough to melt some of the snow and
get really mucky. -- We got our vehicle stuck in the mud last night while
trying to put up some more hay (we have to buy it since we are only on 1/3
of an acre).  We had to have some help pulling it out of the mud since it
was up to the axles. :-(  Today it started raining pretty hard and melted
the rest of the snow so it is just muddy out.

Our animals are doing alright.  

Some of the hens are laying, but only getting about 6 eggs a day; we have
over a dozen hens.  I figure when they have more daylight and it gets
warmer egg production will pick up.  

The nanny goat may or may not be pregnant, we haven't ever had one pregnant
before so we are pretty clueless. <grin>  She has been a good milker in the
past few months...not trying to tip over the milk pail, just satisfied to
eat her grain.  But in the past couple of days she has refused to be
milked.  Is this a sign of anything but a headstrong goat?

I think all of us are tired of winter and are looking forward to spring.  

Best wishes,

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