[Homestead] Cost of College

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Sun Feb 20 17:02:59 EST 2005

About 50% actually goes to the *cost* of the teacher.  Wages aren't the only
thing teachers get.  Add to the $30,000, vacation, sick leave, medical
insurance, PERS, SS, Medicare, unemployment insurance, Workers Comp, etc.

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From: Bill Jones <billj at harborside.com>
> Actually our class size was higher.  I never calculated in real terms
> what fraction of the college's dollar was actually going to me, but
> since I was at the lower end of the pay scale (doing it mostly out of
> love), with the higher class size (they're paid by the body) I suspect
> that only about 25% of the take went to the teacher.

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