[Homestead] Cost of College

Marie McHarry mmcharry at dtnspeed.net
Sat Feb 19 20:07:35 EST 2005

<<But there's no doubt that $100 a unit is about the minimum you could run 
a college for, especially with fewer suits running around scheduling 
faculty meetings.  It's the same number you get if you figure from the 
point of view of teachers' salaries vs. class size.  A teacher is paid 
$30,000 to manage 30 enrollees in 5 classes per semester, two semesters 
a year. >> 

I hope your pay scale is a little out of date, though I fear it's not.
Twenty-five years ago I got US$15000 to teach 3 classes of writing per
quarter (20 students/class). That was a more-than-40-hour-per-week job --
more like 50 or 60 because I read all the stuff the kiddies wrote, commented
on it, and explained how they could re-write. I wouldn't even consider 5
classes of 30 enrollees for $30000. There are better ways to kill myself. If
you move beyond the community college, costs go up all around. Professors
aren't going to be working for peon wages, and overhead costs are going to
be higher, I suspect, at regular universities than at CCs.


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