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Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Fri Feb 18 02:53:48 EST 2005

Poor James, you are sooooo easy.  However, it is good to see that you have
finally learned to use "some" in your sentences.

BTW, you did leave a "some" out of this particular rant, *some*
homeschoolers.  Far too many are H$LDA sheople!

Lynda, who wonders if James will ever come down from that pedestal and
recognize tongue in cheek sarcasm.  <<eg>>
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that high cholesterol is MOST LIKELY a result of diet choices, they clutch
their garments about them and
> say, "You can't say that, it's like you're saying that I'm bad because I
> high cholesterol.  Therefore you are obligated to pretend as though it
> true, diet doesn't affect cholesterol -  ever, for anyone!!"   This gut
> works well to cause people to do what government and industry tells them
to do.
>  We don't watch much TV and don't listen to radio much except for
> the occasional local news story.
> Fortunately SOME people have avoided this indoctrination (for example, the
> homeschooled) and some come to shake their heads to clear it of the
> and get a good view of reality.  You'll find that a useful guide:  whether
> person is dealing with reality or not.  Imagined illnesses, imagined
> enterprises that some how don't ever seem to pan out, alternate energy
> that are contrary to physics,  all my problems are because Bush is in
> and someone just like Bush is managing the local WalMart and that's why
> wouldn't give me a job, etc. etc.
> Wandering about in a surreal headspace is very useful to people who aim to
> exploit you.
> But I suppose I digress ... concerning my children going to public school
> it's not 'one-size-fits-all'  - rather it's
> 'one-size-that-doesn't-fit-anyone'.    And so the public school question
is still apropos - Which of us acts as
> if we were still under the indoctrinal conditioning of PS?
> But for the 'rant and rave' and 'one size fits all' blathering, maybe you
> could explain this one to me.  Do you recall a character in Al Capp's
Li'l Abner
> comic strip called  "Joe Btfspkl"??  He was the one who always had a dark
> cloud over his head and wherever he went disasters took place.  Through
> connections I've kept up from time to time with what's going on with
various of
> the people who like you would blather about "you're telling me what to
> "you're saying one size fits all", "you rant and rave", etc. .... it's
going on
> now more than ten years that many of these people have reported what's
> on with them and yet they never seem to get a break.  Always in debt,
> sick, always can't get a job or lose a job, always broke, have to sell off
> their livestock, have to mortgage their property, this project went sour,
> plan didn't work.  They appear just like Joe Btfspkl with a black cloud
over them
> to the point that (in many cases) in ten years nothing has gone right for
> them.  Now, I would have to say that this is not the case with us.  We've
> some pretty good knocks on the chin in our homesteading life but every
> has seens us just a little farther ahead, or as the poet put it "Let us
act that
> each tomorrow find us farther than today."    And private correspondence
> a number of homesteaders on this list and on others tells me we are very
> from alone, many people are succeeding at homesteading.  Now, Lynda, if it
> all just a random toss of the dice, and as so many of the blatherers have
> said, we are just lucky and think that "one size fits all"; how is it that
> *randomly* they never seem to get a break and yet *randomly* the sun
> perpetually on us??
> Or is it just possible that it is our choices and their choices that make
> difference?
> James
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