[Homestead] Diet works as good or better than statins

Clansgian at wmconnect.com Clansgian at wmconnect.com
Thu Feb 17 17:51:03 EST 2005

>      "A diet rich in fiber and vegetables lowered cholesterol just as 
> much as taking a statin drug,

Gasp and for shame, TVO!   This implies that a person's high cholesterol (or 
low) is due to what they DO!!    Man, it's a good thing you aren't on a 
certain other list.  They'd be sending the goons to burn down your house by now.  
Don't you know that there is no such thing as a physical problem that is due to 
one's behavior?  Why, it's like you're saying that it's their own fault!  
What's next?  Are you going to suggest that people's obesity is due to their 
behavior!?  Time to quash this in the bud!  Left unchallenged you might even one 
day imagine that people's financial, marital, and other problems have something 
to do with their choices.

That's it.  Let me look here in the card file for instructions from list 
headquarters.  Since you forward this utter drivel about a physical condition 
being due to the choices one has made (and can be corrected by different choices), 
I have no choice but to start secretly emailing everyone that you have a 
criminal background, are a Satan worshipper, eh ..... tear the tags off matresses, 
 .... un .... don't return borrowed tools ..... and, let's see ...... try to 
go through the express line with more than 12 items.  Ah, and this .... you 
secretly prefer beer to poteen.

Geesh, I just can't get over it.  And don't bother rebutting anything I've 
said, it's all due to the pills I have to take and not my own fault at all.


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