[Homestead] Greenspan on SS change

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Thu Feb 17 08:03:22 EST 2005

Is anyone not yet tired of scare tactics used to justify an agenda not in 
the best interests of the people? We have for some time now been told by 
the president that SS is heading for bankruptcy. That scare tactic is used 
to justify the need for private investment accounts. But in fact, private 
accounts do nothing for the solvency of the SS system. They seem to me to 
only do something for Wall Street.

Here's an excerpt from:

Borrow Cautiously, Greenspan Advises
Bush May Agree to Raise Social Security Tax Ceiling

By Nell Henderson and Jim VandeHei
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, February 17, 2005; Page A01

"Greenspan agreed with White House officials and Democrats that private 
accounts, by themselves, would do nothing to improve Social Security's 
long-term solvency. The president has not proposed any specific ways to 
reduce Social Security's future obligations."

And there you have it.


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