[Homestead] High wage earners, not coupon-clippers

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Thu Feb 17 07:28:22 EST 2005

>"Investors aren't just Wall Street people, as far as I'm concerned," Bush 
>told the crowd invited by the state's all-GOP congressional delegation. "I 
>think every citizen, every citizen has got the capacity to manage his or 
>her own money."

And there you see the uninformed mindset of a boy raised rich. Like his 
father before him, who once admitted he had never gone through a checkout 
line, this president is unconnected to common people, most of whom live 
from paycheck to paycheck because they don't know any better. There is a 
generational transport of the paycheck mentality and unless Bush has a 
personal finance crash program to change that mindset, most of those now 
paying into the sound SS system would need a financial advisor to invest in 
Wall Street. And that would cost a lot more than the SS trustees cost.

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