[Homestead] First Grader Punished for Bag of Dirt

Marie McHarry mmcharry at dtnspeed.net
Wed Feb 16 19:25:43 EST 2005

<<Michele says she doesn't deny what her daughter did. But she does disagree
with the two-day in-school detention. "They said it would be on her school
record as far as disciplinary that she made a look alike drug but I don't
feel like that's right. Because she didn't do anything wrong.">>

Are there special courses, I wonder, that school administrators take to hone
their lack of common sense? Interestingly, in Illinois when the General
Assembly decided that administrators (including superintendents) had to pass
the basic skills test, a whole bunch of applicants couldn't move up to the
big-bucks jobs.

I'm not sure that was good; most of them were classroom teachers who had
gotten certificates before testing was required. So, these guys (yes, it was
disproportionately guys) stayed in the classroom. Just another reason to
home school (or unschool).


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