[Homestead] Arm Chair Politicians

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Tue Feb 15 17:25:22 EST 2005

Ya know, you really are a stupid little shit.  You can't tell when something
isn't serious?  Anyone ignorant enought to take any of these tests seriously
is in need of some psychiatric counseling!  Particularly when they see some
evil conspiracy behind every little web nonsense out there.

And people wonder what is wrong with the education system in the U.S.?
Well, take a look at those who supposedly were teachers and it will answer
ALL your questions!

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> A couple weeks ago I sat through "journalist" Bill Schneider's patient
> explanation of the difference between "idealists" (Bush, I was told) vs.
> "realists" (Colin Powell et al., supposedly).  Funny how I don't even
> need to read the sow's BS to smell the same crapola from the DemNatCom
> propaganda machine from a mile away.
> Bill
> Warren F. Smith wrote:
> >
> >I read the first question, and answers, then the second. Then said, what
> >heck. I just blasted thru choosing the third answer each time, since that
> >was the one the writer wanted people to choose. Turns out that makes one
> >"realist".
> >
> >
> >
> >
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