[Homestead] One More View of Social Security

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Mon Feb 14 15:24:41 EST 2005

You are assuming there is only one way to create the funds to pay out and
that is by taxing more.  There are other ways.  One would be to cut some
programs (Star Wars comes to mind) and foreign aid to name just two other
avenues.  One could also make SS the program it was intended (needs based)
and cut the rich fat cats from receiving checks.

If one wants to "repair" SS, then change the law.  Make it an actual pension
fund and do what pension funds do.

Or better yet, use what is already there and up and running, roll the thing
over into the Federal Government Insurance and Annuities Program.  I mean,
why not?  They pay "an alien (i) who was previously employed by the
government, (ii) who is employed full time by a foreign government for the
purpose of protecting or furthering the interests of the United States
during an interruption of diplomatic or consular relations, and (iii) for
whose services reimbursement is made to the foreign government by the United
States," you'd think they could figure out how to pay American citizens who
have paid taxes!


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> Lynda, what is your take on this quote from the article?   You already
> my lean on this:  the $5.3 trillion in "assets" is only the government's
> promise to tax its citizens and businesses.  Isn't that a "good news - bad
> type thing.  In 2018 the SS says, "We've got good news and bad news ...
the good
> news is that SS has $5.3 trillion dollars, the bad news is that you taxes
> up by $5.3 trillion to pay for it."
> James
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