[Homestead] Mother's Against the Draft

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Mon Feb 14 02:33:10 EST 2005

Delphi Technique!  Reframing.  Rove is the master.  "you aren't a patriot,"
"you are against our troops," "you must be baby killers," and all kinds of
other implied or stated things that are wrong with people if they don't
agree with the current agenda.  Fear mongering "can't change horses in the
middle of a stream (war)."

The reframing and yellow rag journalistic editing is rampant.

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From: Gene GeRue <genegerue at ruralize.com>
> Something lacking in my education--how does he pull that off? Can a
> president issue a presidential order to spend, say, two hundred billion
> dollars on an optional war without authorization from Congress? I think
> not. So, how is it happening? Are all of the president's party enthralled?
> Are all of the opposition party afraid to disagree with votes? How the
> is this happening? Have we arrived at a dictatorship?
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