[Homestead] Business notes, ceramics , symbiotic bumper stickers

tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Sun Feb 13 12:18:19 EST 2005

If it comes down to making your own woven fabrics and clothes, the loom 
URL is interesting.

Tells how to fabricate and operate a ceramic press and its

dies and molds. Building materials, tableware, and all

kinds of ceramic products can be pressed at the rate of

one piece per minute. This comprehensive manual reaches a

versatile and inexpensive, fast production technique in

ceramics. An air compressor is the only source of power

required. (ATTIC) 28pp $10.95


http://www.halfwaytree.com/looms/referenceplus.html  (

manual power loom)

Business---printing bumper stickers---free advertising if

you can describe your other products and make it funny. 

If so, devote about ten percent to them in your flea

market or craft show booth.

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