[Homestead] Re: boonies & privacy, was Just plain skewed priorities

Rob becidawa at hctc.com
Thu Feb 10 21:20:55 EST 2005

At  2/10/2005 07:21 AM, you wrote:

>As for privacy, you have to get way out in the boonies. But then, the 
>skeptic will ask, how about a medical emergency, where you have to get 
>out? Well, that is why the gods invented helicopters.

Back in MN there were some folks who lived out at the end of a dirt road 
(in our's and several townships in that area most of the roads were dirt), 
they had moved there in the early 70's, part of the "back to the land" 
movement. They didn't want the road fixed up "it keeps the rif-raff out". 
In the spring it turned to mud and that helped keep the rif-raff out, it 
also did keep the ambulance out when one of the people had a heart attack.
After the heart attack and a triple bypass they showed up at our township 
meeting to see about getting our common road upgraded so the next time they 
didn't have to load the victim on a 4 wheeler (called a "quad" out here in 
WA, one of those 4 wheelers made by Honda, know what I mean?) to get him to 
the ambulance. It was still 20+ miles to the hospital.

FWIW they had privacy out there... and lot's of big dogs.


becidawa at hctc.com
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