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Stirling Engine Plans
Turning heat into power-                                  

                                   The Stirling-Steele



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Complete plans for the exciting Stirling-Steele Engine.

This patented four cylinder Stirling based design is one

of the best running hot air engines around. 26 pages of

highly detailed drawings and instructions provide all

necessary information to produce this modern compact

version of Stirling Engine. Engine can be machined on a 6"

lathe and small milling machine. Plans are $25.00.
Send $25.00 US currency check, money order or credit card

on www.paypal.com to:

Ronald Steele
33252 SW Rogers Way
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In the Stirling-Steele engine, four gamma type Stirlings

are daisy chained together. This is done by driving the

displacers via linear drive rods which are attached to the

top of power pistons. The rods pass thru a sealed bulkhead

and the displacer cylinders are ported to power piston

cylinders that are phased behind them 90 degrees. This

allows an engine that only requires one crank throw per

piston where other Stirlings require two. Fewer crankcase

penetrations along with a simpler crank permit for a more

cost effective engine to manufacture. Building four

cylinder engines instead of single cylinder units has

several strong advantages such as easy starting, good

balance, smooth running even at very low speeds, increased

heater and cooler surface area and good low end torque. As

an external combustion engine, the Stirling-Steele engine

can easily meet the EPA standards for carbon monoxide and

hydrocarbon emissions. Since it is a closed cycle device,

it runs very quiet without the need of a muffler.

This is an exploded view of the Stirling-Steele engine. A

solid design with features like miter gear drive and

sealed crankcase which can be pressurized to enhance power

output. The engine also runs great at atmospheric


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