Just plain skewed priorities Was: RE: [Homestead] Bush skewed prorities, so many I can, t keeptrack

clhw clhw at InfoAve.Net
Thu Feb 10 11:28:57 EST 2005

For this part of the US, we ARE in the outback.
When we moved here, to have more than 3 cars pass down the road  in a day
was a major traffic jam. The road is nearly 0.2 mile from our house.

We have a friend in this county who did basically what you propose. He put
in a pond, with a road over the dam. He has a gate with padlock -- a double
paneled cattle gate which has been run into at least once -- across the
entrance to the road.

But, you're right. There is no perfect security.
I'm just railing against the encroachments on what we had.

>>Parking our car catty-cornered across a slot seems to be one of the few
>>moves which protects the car.
>No, your earlier statement is best: park in the west 40. We all need the
>>How do we protect our other property?
>>And our privacy?
>Perfect property protection is like perfect security, no such thing. You
>think about it and take the best precautions you can. I had to haul my best
>stuff out here because teens were having a lark breaking into our house
>back home.
>As for privacy, you have to get way out in the boonies. Heartwood is, but
>even there, the only time we have total privacy is when the road is
>ice-impassible or the stream is at high flood. But then, the skeptic will
>ask, how about a medical emergency, where you have to get out? Well, that
>is why the gods invented helicopters.
>After I build the dam, creating the pond, the entry road will go over the
>dam. Chris wants me to install an electric gate at the far side.

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