Just plain skewed priorities Was: RE: [Homestead] Bush skewed prorities, so many I can, t keeptrack

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Thu Feb 10 10:21:00 EST 2005

>Parking our car catty-cornered across a slot seems to be one of the few
>moves which protects the car.

No, your earlier statement is best: park in the west 40. We all need the 

>How do we protect our other property?
>And our privacy?

Perfect property protection is like perfect security, no such thing. You 
think about it and take the best precautions you can. I had to haul my best 
stuff out here because teens were having a lark breaking into our house 
back home.

As for privacy, you have to get way out in the boonies. Heartwood is, but 
even there, the only time we have total privacy is when the road is 
ice-impassible or the stream is at high flood. But then, the skeptic will 
ask, how about a medical emergency, where you have to get out? Well, that 
is why the gods invented helicopters.

After I build the dam, creating the pond, the entry road will go over the 
dam. Chris wants me to install an electric gate at the far side.

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