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Thu Feb 10 01:37:34 EST 2005

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> We still manage to get dings in the doors from other people's doors
> into them.
> What disturbs me is the lack of respect for other people's property.
***Bingo!   I am sooooo tired of rude people that we rarely leave the
valley.  You rarely see anything thrown on the side of the road and if you
do, by the time you drive back by it, someone has stopped to pick it up.  I
don't worry about my vehicles here in "town," if you want to call this wide
space in the road a town.

HOWEVER, when we do go into the "big" city, I park dead center in two slots!

> This is also shown in the litter along the public highways.
> The animals dropped off (two kittens this past week end).
> The trespassers, including a biking tour week end wherein one participant
> walked into our orchard to take a crap.
***It takes a lot to trespass where we live.  We are 2.5 miles up a private
dirt road but we still get some city folks who have decided that the two
posted signs saying "PRIVATE" road only apply if they drive on your
property.  We told one guy to turn his ass around and go back and he had the
audacity to say that someone told him that if he drove out to the end of the
road there weren't any people living on the end 20 acres, so no one would
mind if he went hunting on their property.

<<EG>>  You'd be surprised at how fast folks can turn around when a blood
thirsty hound and pitbull start snapping at their windows!


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