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Wed Feb 9 20:47:26 EST 2005

We drive BMWs.
Our newest one cost us $9000, most of which was paid by the insurance
company of the driver who ran her car into our previous one, the car dolly
it was on, and the pickup truck hauling it.
That newest one is a 1990 model. 14 years old. It is approaching 300,000
miles on it and generally gets 23 miles per gallon.

My husband drives a 1987 BMW, one of the low-end price ones. It has low
mileage... about 200,000. It cost us $2500, and is averaging about 23.5
miles per gallon.

We like our cars. I park mine out at the end of the parking lot slots,
usually putting a couple of spaces between it and the next car. I need the
hike in to the store anyway. I don't park near the places people put
grocery carts.

We still manage to get dings in the doors from other people's doors banging
into them.
What disturbs me is the lack of respect for other people's property.

This is also shown in the litter along the public highways.
The animals dropped off (two kittens this past week end).
The trespassers, including a biking tour week end wherein one participant
walked into our orchard to take a crap.

We have lived 4 miles from a town, and 1/2 to 1 mile from neighbors for 35
years after living 20 years in places like Atlanta, St Petersburg FLA and
New York City.
The choice was to have privacy.

Parking our car catty-cornered across a slot seems to be one of the few
moves which protects the car.
How do we protect our other property?
And our privacy?

>>Well they sure as heck aren't making parking lots for them!
>Parking lot spaces have been squeezed down as much as possible. The body
>repair people love it. The drivers of Mercedes, BMW and the like don't. I
>find ever more often that an oversized pickup or Hummer or giant SUV is
>taking two spaces. And of course all the luxury car drivers, especially
>when the car is new, park in such a manner that they might as well just
>position the middle of the car on the line.

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