[Homestead] Bush skewed prorities, so many I can, t keep track---Amtrak just one example.

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Wed Feb 9 14:01:04 EST 2005

Where are they building roads for SUVs?

And, perhaps they should make the rail lines a tad safer first?  AND, maybe
Amtrak should tighten its spending.  Having a friend who works for Amtrak, I
can tell you the waste is monutental!  One of our foster kid's uncle works
for Amtrak and the man's job is riding the trains and turning in reports.
That's it and it makes a mighty heft salary for busy work!

Less money for a monopoly, or next thing to it, like Amtrak and more on the
general condition of railroad industry as a whole.  Personally, with the
number of spills that happen on a routine basis, it worries me a tad that
the rails are what are involved in the insanity of moving around nuclear

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> We need to stop, not reduce, stop building roads for SUV's and stop
> airport subsidies---divert the funds to rail, which under three hundred
> mile trips is vastly more efficient than automobiles, occupies less
> space and is sustainable in a future of vanishing, very expensive oil.

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