[Homestead] On a rural state

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Wed Feb 9 09:32:02 EST 2005

>I used to joke that Iowa's two leading crops were rural poverty and 
>crystal meth. But it's not a joke. The fact is that Iowa is a beautiful 
>state. Minneapolis isn't that far away. Iowa would be a great place to 
>live, if only the air and the water weren't polluted and you could be sure 
>you wouldn't find yourself living next to 10,000 sows in a hog prison. 
>There was a time, well within my dad's memory, when Iowa's agriculture was 
>diversified and when the towns were rich in a culture of their own devising.

Leave it to Verlyn Klinkenborg to speak the truth about a rural condition. 
Thanks for posting the article, Mark.

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