[Homestead] 2006 military budget balancing act

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Mon Feb 7 15:33:43 EST 2005

>tvoivozhd---It's not payment in full for their magnitude of their cruelty, 
>but it's the best you can do.
>Soldiers just follow orders.  To laugh in glee as someone dies is hideous
>no matter who it is.  One can have a gladness that the task is done, but to
>laugh or think it is fun to kill proves what one is.

Justified anger is the best way to overcome both fear and revulsion at 
doing something horrific. Having never killed, I can only strongly suspect 
that killing the first time is hardest, for some it becomes easier, for 
many it never gets easy, but having strongly felt justification has to make 
it less personally damaging and as much as highly satisfying. I also am 
pretty sure that the immediate aftermath of killing is different after 
killing face to face than after releasing a bomb or missile from thousands 
of feet up. In the first instance, relief has to be a strong feeling; in 
the second instance perhaps the feeling is more intellectual. I often 
disagree with the senior geezer's opinion on the efficacy of force or 
diplomacy, but I respect judgement based on personal experience. If you 
ain't been there, you can't know all the factors.

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