[Homestead] RFID chips in children/parents

Melody O. melody at crecon.com
Mon Feb 7 12:27:33 EST 2005

At 08:26 AM 2/7/05 -0800, you wrote:
>  "It's not an option," Graham said. "(The badge) is just like a
>   textbook, you have to have it. I'm charged with running the school
>   district and I get to make those kinds of rules."  
>RFID tag on kids?)

>Someone want to explain to me what Homeland Security has to do with
education and schools? 

Yep, it is because "The philosophy of the classroom today will be the
philosophy of government tomorrow." - Abraham Lincoln.

It is also because the government uses safety of children to rationalize
all sorts of potential tyrannical programs.

It is just as I said a few days ago on the subject of Social Security Reform:
"All it takes is for the government to begin by changing attitudes and
beliefs starting with children in the public school system.  Then they
create a situation to rationalize the new policies to make the new
attitudes seem logical to the citizens at large."

The government has already put in place laws, requirements, and programs to
prove that they do not think of children belonging to their parents, rather
they belong to the government.  Don't believe me?  What happens when a
child isn't sent to school because their parents don't want them to go?
The child will be listed as a truant and the parents are sent to jail,
*unless* the parent asks the state's permission for their child to stay
home.  Anything that the government *believes* to be abuse or neglect will
mean that the government will take away your kid; can you reasonable take a
kid from the government because of you believe there is abuse or neglect?
No, you have to ask their permission.  Whose kids are they?

Anyway, Homeland Security has everything to do with every aspect of
American life.  It was created to be such.  It is a scarily big
organization including the CIA and FBI.  I have always said that *it* is
the largest terrorist group in America, and we will live to see it as such.

Best wishes,

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