[Homestead] Bulting, remodelling costs skyrocketing

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Mon Feb 7 10:23:42 EST 2005

>Who ARE these people?   Where in world are getting 200K to REMODEL
>a ROOM?  This is just beyond my expectations and experience, even
>here in the relatively well-to-do RTP area of North Carolina.
>Is this way the people on the "coasts" really live?

Not only on the coasts. I saw it in Dallas. Expensive remodeling is 
standard practice here in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area. Lots of rich people. 
The practice is especially common in Paradise Valley, which has one-acre 
minimum, magnificent mountain views, including Camelback Mountain, and 
superb central location. It is where Barry Goldwater lived. It is where 
Stevie Nix lives and other names you would recognize. Many of the houses 
were built in the sixties and seventies. Some, the few still under a 
million, are bought as tear-downs, for the lot on which to build new mansions.

This is part of America.

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