[Homestead] SS details slowly emerging

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Sun Feb 6 12:05:31 EST 2005

IF Medicare took care of the fraud and actively prosecuted those committing
the fraud, there wouldn't be a problem.  Instead you have doctors, medical
supply companies and hospitals committing MILLIONS of dollars in fraud and
they are never prosecuted!

AND, some of the most notorious of the criminals are immigrant doctors.
They set up elaborate schemes and just about nothing happens to them.

Prosecute them, throw them in prison or deport them and Medicare and
Medicaide would not be teeters on the edge!

Look at the scam by Novation, GE and U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray.

Gambro Healthcare "settles" for $350 million.  No one goes to jail.

TAP Pharmaceuticals settles for $559 million plus $25 million to states.

Columbia/CHA (in Utah) settle for $745 million while the actual fraud was
over $1 billion.

Or how about HealthSouth's $325 million.  Yup they really got their hands
slapped.  They have to "engage in several compliance efforts over the next
five years."


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> I noted awhile back that there were precious few details from the Bush
> administration about the SS privatization plan. The details are finally
> emerging and with each new devilish detail, the plan's weaknesses are
> revealed. Health care is a much bigger fiscal problem than social security
> but this administration has yet to find the political advantage or will to
> address Medicare financial realities. A while back I found a site that
> enumerated campaign contributions. If one wishes to know what agenda will
> be pushed by this president, one has only to note the business interests
> the biggest contributors.

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