[Homestead] My Iraq predict6ion

tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Sat Feb 5 10:42:43 EST 2005

At the moment the most powerful Shiite cleric, Al Sistani, is being nice 
to the
Sunnis and offering them a minor place in government.  If the Sunni's 
continue their
killing of Shiite police and army their temporary forbearance will turn 
into a Saddam-like
iron fist and a first-class blood bath---unlike U.S. Army 
actions---totally out of view of
cameras and off the stage of world newspapers. Can't blame them---quick 
and bloody is
decisive, slow and a little less blood is never decisive.

Unless it develops over Kurdish oil in Mosul, the Shiites have no 
quarrel with the Kurds who
pose no threat of any kind to majority Shiites---the latter consider 
them to be useful political
cover against world opinion, for which they have little regard, 
anyway---and there is lots of
oil in the rest of Iraq---more than enough to go arounds.

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