[Homestead] Gambling with retirement monies

Melody O. melody at crecon.com
Fri Feb 4 19:23:21 EST 2005

At 06:45 PM 2/4/05 EST, James wrote:
>The political climate changes on a whim.  It would take very little PR for 
>the notion of sweet little old retired peopel to change into a view of a
>gimme generation.  That's when all bets are off.

YES! That is *exactly* what I meant when I said, 

"All it takes is for the government to begin by changing attitudes and
beliefs starting with children in the public school system.  Then they
create a situation to rationalize the new policies to make the new
attitudes seem logical to the citizens at large."

I love your explanation, James.  It is the difference between "telling"
(what I did) and "showing" (what you did).

Best wishes,


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